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Dominican Republic may see a 2nd wave of French investments

December 3, 2009

Article supplied by Dominican Today


PARIS. – The French Enterprise Movement (MEDEF) today stated its interest in making Dominican Republic the front door for a second wave of investments from its country in the areas of tourism, energy, rail transport, technology, banks, perfume and telecoms in the rest of the Caribbean.


As part of the French strategy to continue investing abroad, president Leonel Fernandez was treated to a breakfast to explain Dominican Republic’s attractive investment facilities in beach and mountain tourism, extreme aquatic sports and in the renewable energy, telecom, medical industry and retail sectors, with legal security guaranteed.


Around 35 representatives of French companies heard Fernandez affirm that despite the global economic crisis’ negative effects, the Dominican economy grows steadily , which spurs confidence in foreign investors who continue bullish on the country’s stability.


He said the country offers the best possibilities for French investors, that already have a massive presence in northeast Samaná province, especially Las Terrenas, where 80 percent of the hotels and restaurants are French managed.


The chief executive noted that after 11 years since his first official visit in 1998, fruit  those efforts the companies Alstom, Accor, Carrefour and Orange have set up operations in Dominican Republic where their performance has been more than satisfactory. “We’re very confident this new encounter can contribute to the alliance between our two countries and materialize other business projects as a way to continue fortifying the progress which we have obtained in recent years.”


“This crisis definitively affected us in the second half of 2008 and alerted us to the importance of preparing ourselves to confront the difficult problems at any moment,” Fernandez said.

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